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Activity History:

2/28Add Links
1/13more of Task #90891, update zips
1/11fix more build hoses, some of Task #90891, update zips
1/8fix build.xml hose
1/5Add applet to intro page
1/3Implement Task #89678
1/1Remove Model/Relations from XML streaming, other misc clean-up
12/27task #91136, update design doc
12/23update various pages, go Christmas shopping
12/22Add Links, update various pages
12/21Add release schedule/tasks
12/20fix bug, test w/ JDK1.2.2, misc Ant clean-ups, add System Rqm'ts page
12/18Check-in Command changes (use of Parameters)
12/17Fix missing ant subdirs in tools module in zip file distributions
12/15update FAQ with more Q/A, added tools seciton
12/13update UserGuide with Simtein reference frame info
12/9update FAQ,add this history
12/8enhance zip distribution downloads