Amino Demo Applet

The applet is a separate window that comes-up, and is identical to the main Amino/Simtein application.

Known to work in Win2K/IE6.

If you have problems, or you can see the applet, please let us know what your system is, or what the issue is: (replace _at_ with @ in your email program)

When the main window comes-up, you can try the following:

You can click-and-drag the mouse in the view to change the sensor's position (and thus line-of-sight) and how the scene is viewed.

Applet Usage FAQ:

Can't See The Applet (after a few minutes)? - Trouble Shooting

If your browser is Internet Explorer, you probably MUST install the Java Plugin.
The Applet was compiled using JDK1.4.2_03. You can install the plugin by going here. If you're using Windows 2000, before installing the plugin you may need to install the Win2K service pack here.

To see possible errors from applet: enabling the Java Console
If you've installed Sun's plugin, select Internet Explorer menu item tools|Sun Java Console

To see how you set permissions for the applet so it can run in IE: enabling security policies for Applets
For viewing online in Internet Explorer, you may need to enable the following, using policytool: (RuntimePermission,TargetName,Actions)

NOTE: If you're running the applet on your local machine (by double-clicking on 'mainapplet.html' in your explorer) then you also need to enable the browser to read your local file: '' in the doc/html directory.

You need to enable the following, using policytool: (RuntimePermission,TargetName,Actions) Logo