Precompiled Distribution

Following are different zip files you can download depending on their contents:

Note:Amino has not had an official distribution. This project is PRE-ALPHA. Also, the pre-compiled jar files were compiled under JDK1.4.2, so if you're using an ealrier JDK version you should (must for JDK1.2.2) re-build the jars using the build.h all command in both Amino and Simtein ant directories.

tools(~3M) - This is mostly Ant. It is separate just in case you have slow internet access.

full system(~4M) - This is Amino core and Simtein - docs, src, pre-compiled libs, etc. You still need to download tools above.

documentation(~2.5M) - This is documentation (no javadoc) only. If you want the javadoc, download the src (below) and run jdoc from Simtein/ant dir. (fairly up-to-date Javadoc is on the Amino Web site)

source code(<1M) - This is the java src and test code with Ant. Note:DO NOT USE YOUR CHANGES TO THIS SOURCE CODE TO SUBMIT PATCHES/CHECK-IN CHANGES. Only changes should be made to code from CVS. See: SourceForge CVS Documentation You still need to download tools above.

minimum(<1M) - This is is the minimum code with which you can run the system in "demo" mode. You still need to download tools above.

    If in the course of running/building after "getting CVS latest" or 
    getting these zip files, you get a NoClassDefFoundError like:
    then that means there's a bad setting in the properties file. 
    Edit the file Amino/ant/ and uncomment 
    these two settings: 
    and comment these two settings:

    Save the file and try again.

Running the system

For all of these (except the documentation), you do need to have Sun's J2SE (JDK) installed on your machine before you can run it. Once you run the JDK installer, you need to set the enviroment variable "JAVA_HOME" to point to the directory where you installed the JDK:

1) go into Start/Settings/Control Panel
2) select System icon
3) Go to Advanced/Enironment Variables
4) Under "User Variables" press "New" button;
5) Name="JAVA_HOME"
6) Value=<directory like "C:\jdk1.4"> or whatever was the default or what you set when the JDK was installed
7) click OK, OK to get out.

Now you can run something:
1) Open a command-prompt, and enter the directory "Amino_<version>/Simtein/ant"
2) Enter " run-gol" (unix/cygwin) or
    "build run-gol" (dos/windows command line)
3) When the application comes-up, select the top-most node in the tree of the left pane using the mouse left-click
4) Mouse right-click on the node, pulling up a popup menu;
5) Select 'Object', and then "Children To New Physical View" under it;
6) On top menu, select "Sim" and then "Run" - This is John Conway's Game Of Life.

You can also run a 3-D rendering test:
1) Enter the directory "Amino_<version>/Simtein/ant"
2) Enter " run-pe" (unix/cygwin) or
    "build run-pe" (dos/windows command line
3) In the upper left of the left pane, left-mouse-click the top tree node;
4) Mouse right-click on it to pull up a popup menu - select 'Object'
5) Under 'Object' select 'To New Physical View'
6) This puts the reference frames (already running) in a view widget. Logo